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New Publication on Regensight: A Clear Future for Young People with Keratoconus

We are excited to announce the publication of a new scientific article, entitled “Spatial targeted delivery of riboflavin with a controlled corneal iontophoresis delivery system in theranostic-guided UV-A light photo-therapy“, in the prestigious Journal of Biophotonics.

This groundbreaking study explores how Regensight’s theranostic platform, which incorporates a corneal iontophoresis system integrated with the theranostic UV-A device, C4V CHROMO4VIS, to control the application of riboflavin (RitSight) into the cornea is transforming the treatment of keratoconus to the great benefit of young patients.

Regensight’s theranostic platform enables controlled distribution of riboflavin into the cornea with a constant concentration gradient between the central and peripheral regions. The theranostic-guided UV-A light irradiation induces significant and highly repeatable flattening in corneal topography, demonstrating how Regensight’s technology provides precise and predictive reshpaing of the human cornea.

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