Value proposition:

We work with enthusiasm to introduce a revolutionary treatment paradigm for no-incision correction of the most demanding visual disorders in youth and older adults.


Developing smart products for the treatment of eye disorders with significant social impact


Our values are excellence, innovation, trust and teamwork

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Our Team

The startup team holds extensive know-how in medical technology and pharmaceuticals in the eye care sector.

The startup was founded by Vision Engineering Italy, a company focused on research and development of innovative products for treatment of eye diseases. Regensight is leveraging the disruptive technology developed by the parent company.

Marco Lombardo

Marco Lombardo


Marco is eye doctor and PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science.
He has been devoted to treatment of visual disorders since his initial practice in ophthalmology.
His life mission is to abate the need for corneal transplantation caused by keratoconus. This dream is becoming true thanks to our invention of theranostics technology!
Marco is a serial inventor; he holds a number of patents and has introduced several innovations in eye care, including adaptive optics ophthalmic imaging, corneal iontophoresis, scleral iontophoresis, femtosecond laser incisions for cataract surgery, advanced surface ablation techniques. He has developed ophthalmic eye drops currently in use for treating of corneal and anterior surface diseases.


Giuseppe Lombardo

MEng, PhD, MS

Giuseppe is electronic engineer and holds a master of science in biomedical engineering. He is currently researcher at the National Research Council (CNR) in biophotonics sector area.
He holds huge experience in soft matter, physical modeling, advanced imaging processing, design and development of opto-electronic instrumentation. He has been coordinating more than €8 million PON/POR Italian Projects for the last 10 years.
Giuseppe is an expert in technology transfer and IP valorization; he holds 9 family patents. He has previously co-founded three start-ups in the soft matter, renewable energy and medtech fields.

Sebastiano Serrao

Sebastiano Serrao


Sebastiano is ophthalmologist and a PhD in refractive surgery. He is pioneer of laser vision correction in Italy, participating in the development of the Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA - PRK) technique and the femtosecond laser incision method for cataract surgery.
He is clinical trials manager

Team Foto Bernava

Massimo Bernava

MEng, PhD
Massimo is a IT engineer and holds a PhD in computer science. He is currently a research technologist at the National Research Council (CNR). He works on applications of deep learning in the medical field. In particular, he is focused to the study of intelligent computer systems applied to medicine in order to develop new approaches and innovative tools for understanding biological phenomena. He has been involved in the design and development of multi-platform systems for the realization of intelligent interfaces aimed at advanced human-computer interaction. Massimo is co-founder of a startup in the field of artificial intelligence applied to medicine.

Loredana Alletto


Loredana is biologist. She holds a thirty-year career experience in the Marketing & Sales areas of the Life Science sector. She has continued to take on new challenges and responsibilities in multinational companies operating in the Pharma, Med-Tech and Nutraceutical sectors over years. She managed ten therapeutic areas and over eighty products, including several blockbusters and one orphan drug. During her career, she has also gained expertise in the SEC (Stakeholder Engagement & Communication) and regulatory fields. She is responsible for the organizational communication of Regensight and its breakthrough products.


Social responsibility;

Regensight is keen to support initiatives that can be of benefit to patients with keratoconus, such as research studies and appropriate access to care.

Please share your idea with us at 4social@regensight.com

Job positions

Are you feeling to be a Regensighter? Please send us your CV for new opportunities.
Send your CV to mlombardo@regensight.com


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