Regensight granted by Lazio Innova for the development of the theranostics platform for the correction of visual disorders

The project n. A0613-2023-077528 of Regensight srl was granted by Lazio Innova in response to the “RSI Competitive Repositioning” Public Notice, FESR Program 2021-2027 referred to in Det. n. G18823 dated 12/28/2022 and granted with the Det. n. G15206 dated 11/16/2023.

The aim of the project is to develop new therapeutic strategies for the correction of the primary ocular disorders at all ages in the world, such as keratoconus, mild myopia and presbyopia.

The development of the theranostic platform has the ambition to revolutionize current methods of visual correction with laser surgery, which are invasive and irreversible.

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